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In Fluid Topics, documents sharing metadata can be clustered in the Search Results page. Result clusters bring comfort to users as they can see groups of documents sharing a common idea at a glance, instead of a long list of single documents.

The document tags can be grouped in cluster selectors. For this purpose, in DITA, metadata are set at the top map level and used in DITAVAL files .

Note: Cluster selectors are not yet available for FTML content.
As an example, when an article is available in different variants (Novice vs Expert), it relies on two DITAVAL files:
  • Novice.ditaval
  • Expert.ditaval
By assigning the topics to the appropriate audience within the DITA map, Fluid Topics generates a cluster selector based on the two DITAVAL values.
The article's different variants can be reached through a cluster selector