Configure Interface Languages - Fluid Topics - 3.8 - Technical Notes

Manage Languages in Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

ADMIN and PORTAL_ADMIN users can add or remove an interface language and customize messages in the Languages administration interface.

To add a language, select a translated or an untranslated language in the following section of the interface:

Administrators can select an interface language from one of the drop-down menus.

After choosing a language, select the Add button to confirm.

Tip: Fluid Topics provides default translations for all interface languages except Czech, Indonesian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Turkish. If adding an untranslated language, it is necessary to manually add translations for all labels in the interface. Otherwise, all labels in the interface revert to the fallback language.
To customize interface messages or manually add translations for an untranslated language, the process is as follows:
Attention: It is important to only modify the information between custom tags.
  1. Export the XML file with the default messages.
  2. Open the file and find the label to modify. Remember, it must be between custom tags.
  3. Save the XML file.
  4. Import the modified file.

It is possible to revert to default messages by selecting the Reset button.

Note: This XML file is also used to manage the text of Fluid Topics email messages.