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Technical Notes

Fluid Topics v3.7.30 introduces notifications when one of the following events occurs for a Collection:

  • A document is removed from a Collection.
  • A document is added to a Collection.
  • One or more of the documents in a Collection have been modified.
  • Fluid Topics is syncing a document for offline reading.
  • The synchronization process is complete.
  • A document has been unsynced and is no longer available for offline reading.

Fluid Topics checks if one of the events listed above has occurred at the following times:

  • Once every hour.
  • Whenever the user accesses the application.
  • Whenever the user access the Collections tab of the My Library interface.

Types of notifications

If a user has activated notifications in the Offline tab of the Account settings interface, they see the following types of notifications:

  1. Web push notifications that the user's browser displays whether or not they are viewing the Fluid Topics application.
  2. Notifications that appear within the Fluid Topics application.

Users who have not activated notifications only see the notifications that appear within the Fluid Topics application.

The following image shows an example of a web push notification:

Browser notification

The following image shows the notification that the Fluid Topics application displays after a user deletes a document from a Collection:

Notification after deleting a document from a collection

Notifications clear automatically after a few seconds or when the user selects the "x."

Fluid Topics also displays badges to notify the user that a Collection has changed and should be synced as follows: