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When a user switches offline, Fluid Topics displays a page that is an amalgam of the online versions of the Homepage and Search page. This page displays the standard search box and a list of locally available content, i.e. all content which has been previously synchronized as follows:

Offline Mode Homepage


  1. The My Account menu in the header allows users to consult Bookmarks in Offline Mode. To be available offline, Bookmarks must be present in a Collection which has been synchronized for offline reading.
  2. The Collection facet is always present. It allows users to quickly access a specific Collection of documents when several Collections are available.
  3. Fluid Topics carries over all other facets from the online Search page facet configuration.
  4. Fluid Topics also carries over the tags in the list of results from the online Search page results tags configuration.
  5. Fluid Topics v3.8.28 displays the number of results for a search query when using the application in Offline mode and adds a button to clear search filters.

When a user submits a search query, Fluid Topics updates the list of matching documents to display all those which contain at least one of the query's keywords.

Fluid Topics v3.8.27 introduces highlighting for matching keywords in the following places:

  • In the titles of structured and unstructured documents.
  • In the text excerpts available in the list of search results.

Selecting a document or topic in the list of results opens it in the offline version of the Reader Page.

If a user allows someone else to access their device, that person may be able to access any Fluid Topics assets that the user synchronized for offline reading if the portal switches to Offline mode, just as that person can access all other files saved on the device. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to not share personal devices.

- By design, the offline version of Fluid Topics is simplified and does not grant access to all features available when online.

- While offline search capabilities are less sophisticated than their online counterparts, there is nonetheless support for result clustering and case- and diacritic-insensitive data processing.

- When filtering search results in Offline mode, it is only possible to select a single value for each facet.

For portals with multilingual content, users can select a content language as they do when online. For information about which languages are supported in Offline mode, see Supported Languages.