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Technical Notes

This chapter contains a list of definitions for the different types of books that can be produced in and exported from Author-it:


A book is a "book" object as defined in Author-it: "The Book object represents the content and structure of a project". In other words, a book is a hierarchical structure of topics forming a coherent set.

Books can be organized the following way:

├─ Top-book 1
│    ├─ Sub-book 1
│    └─ Sub-book n
└─ Top-book n
     └─ Sub-book n
A superbook is a book object containing only top books and/or other superbooks. The purpose of the superbook is to reduce the number of book objects to publish (being similar to an archive file containing all publications at once). Instead of creating one huge book with a lot of sub-books, the number of publications created equals the number of top-books the superbook contains.
A publication, or top-book, is the book object corresponding to a book result as seen on the Fluid Topics portal. By default, if a book is not referred to as a sub-book in any other books, it is displayed as a publication.
A sub-book is a book object used in another book, and not intended to be displayed as a top-book. Note that the book title of a sub-book is not intended to be displayed in Fluid Topics' table of contents. A sub-book cannot be exported separately.