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Upload Author-it Content to Fluid Topics

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Technical Notes

By uploading the archive export obtained from Author-it Publish feature, Fluid Topics generates several publications according to different variant combinations. As all these combinations may not be pertinent, Fluid Topics provides a publication_conf.xml file in order to precisely define which variant-value combinations must be taken into account to generate each publication.

The publication_conf file is dependent on the source used to upload AIT-generated content.

Note: The publication_conf.xml file is only required if you use Author-it Legacy XML. From Fluid Topics version 3.4.26, all new Fluid Topics customers are prompted to use Author-it Resolved processing pipeline by default.
The main tags are:
  • defaultPublication (mandatory):default configuration settings to be applied to all top books that are not specified in the publication part
  • publication (optional): specific configuration settings to be applied to a list of top books. Top books from this list are independent from the defaultPublication configuration settings

The publication configuration file can be named the following way:

  • publication_conf_***.extension


    • *** can be an alphanumeric value, and
    • the extension must be .xml, .yml or .json.
    • publication_conf_public.xml
    • publication_conf_general123.yml

To update the configuration file:
  1. Download the current Author-It Publication Configuration File if there already exists one.
  2. Upload the new Author-It Publication Configuration File.
Attention: Only one publication_conf file can be added for each AIT source.