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Technical Notes

The ait_conf_generator command has been implemented to generate a publication_configuration.

On the server hosting the Indexing Environment, run the following command (as antidot user):
--books-to-ignore $ID_OF_THE_SUPERBOOKS --styles-to-ignore $ID_OF_THE_STYLES_TO_IGNORE
  • --zip: expects the complete path to the archive containing Author-It-generated content.
  • --format: expects a value from the following list:
    • json
    • xml (by default)
    • yaml
  • --output-directory: expects the complete path where to generate the publication configuration file. The output directory must already exist on the server.
  • --include: generate the publication configuration in "include" mode, meaning that ALL available combinations for each publication will be generated, including the combinations that you might not want. You must then refine the publication configuration by removing non-pertinent combinations.
  • --cluster-selector: expects the name of the variant such as used in Author-It. The cluster selector is used to generate a cluster of variant values for the publications. The cluster selector can be attuned to each publication.
  • --books-to-ignore: expects the ID of the book(s) used as superbook(s) from the Author-It-generated content.
  • --styles to ignore: expects the ID of the style(s) that you do not want to be displayed in Fluid Topics (such as a "comment" style).
Tip: It is possible to generate a template containing more information about variants used in the archive and their frequency by replacing the --include parameter with --template. The template output only supports XML format.
The following lines show an example of the ait_conf_generator command:
ait_conf_generator --zip /usr/local/afs7/Fluid-Topics/conf/1/ --format yaml 
--output-directory /usr/local/afs7/Fluid-Topics/conf/1/stable/ait/ --include --cluster-selector FT_Version 
--books-to-ignore 15974 --styles-to-ignore 92
This command will:
  • List all publications available in the archive.
  • Define the book whose ID is 15974 as a superbook.
  • Define the style whose ID is 92 as a style to ignore.
  • Assign all variant combinations to each publication.
  • Assign the FT_Version cluster selector for each publication.
  • Generate a publication_conf.yml file in the specified path.