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Technical Notes

Note: For more information about variants and variant values, consult Author-It Knowledge Center - Create Variant.
To create a variant in Author-it:
  1. Click the File tab:
    File tab drop-down menu
  2. Click Manage variables. The Manage Variables window is displayed:
    The Manage Variables pop-up page
  3. Click Add. The Variable default settings window is displayed:
    The Variable default settings pop-up window
  4. Enter a Name for the variable.
  5. In the Type drop-down menu, select List of Values.
  6. Check the This is a Variant Criteria checkbox.
  7. Assign a Priority level to this variant.
  8. Click OK.

To add variant values:

On the Variable default settings window, click the Value "..." button. The List of Values window is displayed.

  1. Click Add to add as many values as needed:
    Values can be created on the List of Values pop-up window
  2. Click the arrows to sort the values as needed. You can establish a hierarchical relation between the values or have them all at the same level.

Fallback mechanism:

A fallback mechanism has been implemented for setting values in a hierarchical order, as in the following example:
Values can be sorted on the List of Values pop-up window

In this example, a single book can be used to contain topics about the v1, v2, and v3 of the product. If you are publishing the v2 of the book, the fallback mechanism allows topics tagged as v1 to be generated.

If all values are set on the same level, then the fallback mechanism is not activated. When publishing the v2 variant of the book, ONLY topics tagged as v2 or primary objects will be generated.