Assign Values to Author-it Variables - Fluid Topics - 3.8 - Technical Notes

Upload Author-it Content to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

Once imported, it is necessary to assign values to the <FLUIDTOPICS_URL> and <FLUIDTOPICS_source> variables in Author-it.

These two values are used to upload content directly from Author-it to the given portal using the given source.

  1. In Author > Variables > Set Assignments, select the variable to which you need to assign a value in the drop-down list.

    Values must be assigned to variables in Author-it
    The variable settings popup opens up.
  2. Assign the value of your choice to the variable in the Value field.
    The following line shows examples of values for the <FLUIDTOPICS_URL> and <FLUIDTOPICS_source> variables:
    Variable Value
    <FLUIDTOPICS_source> authorit_resolved
    • authorit_resolved is the source ID as defined in Fluid Topic .
    • <FLUIDTOPICS_URL> value must not end with a slash "/" sign.

      For instance, write, not

    Note: <FLUIDTOPICS_source> corresponds to the name of the source as defined in Fluid Topics. Do not forget to create a source in Fluid Topics for the AuthoritMagellan connector .
  3. Click OK to validate the new value.
Once variables are assigned, Author-it knows on which Fluid Topics portal the content must be published when using the Fluid Topics - with upload publishing profile. It also knows to which source in Fluid Topics to forward the exported content for publishing.
To access the given portal, it is necessary to configure the transfer_fluidtopics.bat file with the appropriate KHUB_ADMIN user's information.