Publish to Fluid Topics - Fluid Topics - 3.8 - Technical Notes

Upload Author-it Content to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

The Fluid Topics - with upload publishing profile can be used with its default settings provided that all files and objects mentioned in this documentation have been placed in their appropriate locations. If it not the case, please customize the publishing profile accordingly.
Note: To run the script, install CURL on the server, in the C:\_scripts directory, next to transfer_fluidtopics.bat file.

If an Upload to Fluid Topics action was set in the publishing profile, publishing in Author-it automatically results in an upload to the Fluid Topics portal.

  1. Select the content to export from Author-it:

    Select the content to export
  2. Click the Publish tab.
  3. In "Publish To", click the XML icon.
  4. Choose the publishing profile with upload previously created in the scroll-down menu:

    Select a publishing profile to publish the content
  5. Select the metadata corresponding to the variant you wish to export:

    Note: If several values are available for a metadata element, select the appropriate one in the drop-down list.
  6. Click OK to start the export.
    A command popup opens up where the CURL request is detailed.
    Press any key to finalize the export
  7. Press any key to finalize the export.
    The Publishing Complete window opens up and the publish job is automatically launched in Fluid Topics.
Repeat the same procedure for each publication you wish to publish.