Author-it Resolved Content Export and Upload - Fluid Topics - 3.8 - Technical Notes

Upload Author-it Content to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

From Fluid Topics version 3.4.26, a new processing pipeline called Authorit Resolved is available to upload Author-it Resolved HTML5 content.

Attention: As an Author-it Cloud customer, please refer to your Author-it contact to benefit from this feature.
The benefits of using the Authorit Resolved processing pipeline are:
  • No more need to create and maintain a publication_configuration.xml file.

    Book variants to publish into Fluid Topics can be directly selected at publish time in Author-it.

  • Author-it content can now be published to Fluid Topics directly.
Note: From now on, Author-it legacy XML is deprecated. It does not benefit from new Author-it improvements anymore.

This section describes the steps to prepare Author-it with a Fluid Topics publishing profile to export Author-it content and upload it to Fluid Topics.

The following diagram shows the document processing from Author-it to Fluid Topics using the Authorit Resolved processing pipeline:
Authorit Resolved document processing
  1. The user launches the document export in Author-it.
  2. The user retrieves the ZIP archive and uploads it to Fluid Topics.