Transformation - Fluid Topics - 3.8 - Technical Notes

Upload Author-it Content to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

The transformation action must be set to generate content ready for Fluid Topics. Transform action settings

  1. Type in a description of the transformation action, in the Description field.
  2. Use the file browser to enter the path to the Saxon program between quotes, in the Command field:
    "C:\Program Files\Saxonica\SaxonHE9.7N\bin\Transform.exe"
    Note: Quotes are mandatory.
  3. Add arguments to the execution command in this exact order, in the Arguments field:
    1. Input filename definition. Do not change this.
    2. Link to the Fluid Topics transformation file in the template folder.
      Note: Modify this argument to align path and file names with your installation.
    3. Output file name definition. Do not change this.
    4. Publish folder definition. Do not change this.
    5. Locale abbreviation definition. Do not change this.
    Note: The elements which must not be changed correspond to Author-it variables.
    The following line shows a full example of an argument setting for a transformation action:
    "<SYS_PUBLISH_FOLDER>\<SYS_PUBLISH_FILENAME>" "D:\AIT_Data\Templates\Transformations\web_fluidtopics.
    xslt" -o:"<SYS_PUBLISH_FOLDER>\<SYS_PUBLISH_FILENAME>.output" publishFolder="<SYS_PUBLISH_FOLDER>" 
    localeAbbreviation="<SYS_LOCALE_ABBREVIATION>" libraryPath="<SYS_COMPANY_SHARE>\libraries"