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Selecting the Process Content tab in the Knowledge Hub section of the Administration menu opens an interface where ADMIN or KHUB_ADMIN users can publish different types of content depending on the sources available.

  1. Select an archive:

    Select archive

  2. Select a source:

    Select source

  3. Select Publish:

    Publish button

In the History section, two menus are available to filter reports by type or by source.

For each report, the following information is available:

  • The date and time the job was launched.
  • A link leading to a full report about data transformation and publication, including details about errors if any occurred.
  • The name of the source through which content was published (or an indication if the job was a reprocess or an attachment).
  • The number of files processed correctly.
  • The number of files processed with errors.
  • The number of rejected files.
  • The duration of the job.
  • The name of the user who launched the job.