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The following lines describe how to add DITAVAL files to the current project for publication to Fluid Topics.

Attention: Adding DITAVAL files to Fluid Topics add-on requires using:
  • DITA from 1.3
  • DITA-OT from 3.0
Attention: In a Fluid Topics context, do not mix DITAVALs and DITAVAL-references for the same DITA map. DITAVAL-references prevail over DITAVALs not referred to with DITAVAL-references in the DITA map. As a result, only DITAVAL-references would be applied to the DITA map.
  1. Open the map to publish with DITA Maps Manager.

    Dita Maps Manager selection
  2. On the DITA Maps Manager interface, right click the Map if the project is based on ditamap files, or on the Chapter if the project is based on bookmap files. Click Append child and select DITAVAL Reference.

  3. Select the DITAVAL to use and click Insert and close button.

    Select the DITAVAL
  4. The project now embeds a DITAVAL that will be part of the package when publishing to Fluid Topics.

    DITAVAL added
    Note: The DITAVAL file is processed for the entire map. When adding multiple DITAVAL files, all these files will be combined in Fluid Topics.