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The following lines detail the steps for creating a new profile with the Fluid Topics add-on for oXygen. Multiple profiles can be created, e.g. testing, staging, production, etc.

The Fluid Topics add-on for oXygen requires at least one publication profile in order to define the publishing settings.
  1. Open the map to publish with DITA Maps Manager.

    Dita Maps Manager selection
  2. On the DITA Maps Manager interface, right click the Map. Click Publish to Fluid Topics and click Create new profile.

    Dita Maps Manager
  3. The profile wizard is displayed. Enter the desired name for the profile.

    Profile name
  4. Enter the URL of the Fluid Topics instance. This URL will be used to send and process the oXygen generated content.

    FT portal url
  5. Enter the input source name (origin silo) where the content will be uploaded.

    FT source
  6. Enter the login (email address) of the Fluid Topics user with KHUB_ADMIN rights on the portal.

    User ID
  7. Enter the password for the Fluid Topics user given in the previous steps.

    Password saving
    Tip: Save the password to avoid being asked when publishing to Fluid Topics.
    Password setting
  8. [Optional] Select the root directory. It will be used as the root path to define a unique path for each publication.

    Root folder

    For instance, if the documentation is available in the folder called "DITA-TechNotes", you should select the following folder:

    Root folder selection
  9. Click OK to validate the creation of the new publication profile.

    Profile created