Install Fluid Topics Add-on for oXygen - Fluid Topics - 3.9 - Technical Notes

Add Fluid Topics Add-on for oXygen XML Author

Fluid Topics
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The following lines detail the steps for installing the Fluid Topics add-on on oXygen.

  1. Unzip the Fluid Topics Add-on for oXygen archive.
    Note: To get your Fluid Topics Add-on for oXygen archive, ask your Antidot contact.
  2. Select the Help menu and click Install new add-ons... item.

    Install new add-ons
  3. Browse the file system to find the add-on to install.

    Select Add-on
  4. Select the add-on descriptor, i.e the XML file.

    Select Add-on
  5. Tick the add-on line and click the Next button.

    Tick Add-on
  6. Accept the terms of the license agreements and click the Finish button to finalize the add-on installation.

  7. The Add-ons pop-up window opens up. Click OK to restart oXygen XML Author and apply the add-on installation.