Image Display in Structured Documents - Fluid Topics - 3.9 - Technical Notes

Manage Images in Fluid Topics

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A supported-format image can be opened and displayed in the Document Viewer page.

Image opened in Fluid Topics Document Viewer

The image file name is displayed in the left top corner with its original file extension. An icon identifies the image format.

File name and icon displayed for a GIF sample

The image is displayed in its original size if it fits in the screen. Otherwise, you can adjust the image size by using the following icons:
  • Scale image down

  • Scale image up

  • Display at actual size

Note: If the image file is big, its display might take some time.
You can perform several actions from the Viewer tool bar:
Tool bar for an image opened in Fluid Topics

If the image format is not supported by Fluid Topics, the image file is not displayed in the Reader page but can be seen in the Document Viewer page.