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By adhering to the following guidelines, users can optimize portal performance:

  • Use JPG, PNG, and GIF formats for bitmap images.

  • Use the SVG format for vector images.

  • Note: Fluid Topics converts large SVG files into smaller PNG files to improve load times.
  • Avoid exceeding image dimensions of 3000 px (height) x 3000 px (width). Beyond these dimensions, image quality deteriorates.

  • In terms of image resolution, 72 or 90 dpi is ideal. The higher the resolution, the more time it takes for Fluid Topics to upload the image.

  • Avoid using the CMYK color model. The RGB color model is the best option.

Note: Fluid Topics does not manage the CMYK color model properly. The original colors may be rendered incorrectly. Learn more about CMYK and RGB color models on Wikipedia.