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Your goal in using Fluid Topics is to provide easy-to-search content to your users for the best user experience. This is why metadata is crucial: they make your content searchable in Fluid Topics.

Metadata are basically information about data.

For an image, metadata can be its author or its creation date. In a Fluid Topics context, it is more likely that the metadata refer to a product or a product version.

If no metadata are defined for your images, the only way for your users to find an image with no metadata is to search for its exact name.

Adding metadata to your images enables Fluid Topics to generate facets and tags, and to enhance the searchability of your content:
  • Facets allow users to adjust their search. Facets are available in the Search Results page.
    Note: Learn more about Metadata for Filtering .
  • Tags identify a document key categories once it is returned as a search result.

    In some cases, tags are grouped in a cluster with a down-pointing arrow. A cluster offers the possibility to refine a search.

    Note: Learn more about Metadata for Clustering .