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Image display in Fluid Topics depends on their formats.

Fluid Topics supports the following image formats:

  • JPG: Joint Photographic Group (RGB only)

  • GIF: Graphics Interchange Format (animation is supported)

  • BMP: Windows bitmap
    Note: A BMP file, whether standing alone as an unstructured document or as part of a document, is visible in the Reader but not in the Document Viewer. Indeed, the image displayed in the Reader is a Base64-encoded version of the file while it is supposed to be opened in its original format in the Document Viewer. However, when opened in the Document Viewer, a BMP file is downloadable.
  • TIF or TIFF: Tagged Image File Format

  • SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics

  • PNG: Portable Network Graphics

  • PDF: Portable Document Format (only publishable as a standalone content)

Note: Fluid Topics handles image maps. An image map is an image where users can click on defined areas to access a linked content.
Tip: Any unsupported-format image, e.g., an EPS image, that is uploaded into Fluid Topics as an Unstructured Document is not displayed but you can download it in its original format.
Note: Fluid Topics ignores unsupported-format images when creating a PDF file from a Personal Book.