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Manage Map Attachments in Fluid Topics

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A map attachment is a resource (file or URL) attached to a map. "Map" is a way to refer to a structured document without its topics.

It is possible to attach any type of file to a map. The following non-exhaustive list includes some examples:

  • PDF
  • Image
  • Video
  • JavaScript
  • HTML

As for URLs, it is necessary to use one of the following upload methods to attach one to a map:

- When managing map attachments in the UI, it is not possible to attach a URL to a map.

- To view an example of a map attachment, select the Attachments tab in the Reader page sidebar with this document open.

- Files added as map attachments are not part of the indexed content.

- As their name implies, map attachments are positioned at the map level. It is not possible to add an attachment at the topic level.

- It is not currently possible to define a Pretty URL for a map attachment.