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When no network is available, Fluid Topics detects the loss of connectivity and displays a notification at the bottom of the screen. A link in the notification allows the user to go offline to continue reading all documents which have been made available offline:

Browse offline documents

It is possible to force offline mode by selecting My Account > Switch to offline.

Forcing Offline mode prevents the application from automatically switching back online when the network becomes available. If a connection is detected, the user can select Switch back online in the My Account menu.

Since the user decides when to switch back online, forcing Offline mode is particularly useful if the connection is unstable.

- When offline in one browser tab, the user will also be offline when opening additional tabs.

- Fluid Topics keeps the same interface language when a user switches offline, and it is not possible to change it while offline. To change the interface language, it is necessary to switch back online.

If an administrator has configured a custom external font in the Portal > Theme administration interface, be aware that some browsers may not be able to display the font when a user switches offline. As a result, the font will be different in Offline Mode.