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If a user edits a collection after making it available offline (for example, to change its title or to add or remove documents), a button appears in the Collections tab of the My Library interface prompting them to synchronize the modified collection as follows:

Offline sync button

Similarly, if any document contained in a previously synchronized collection is updated, Fluid Topics displays this same button. After selecting the Sync button, it is possible to manage the sychronization job in the Offline syncs drawer.

Fluid Topics v3.9.19 introduces the following check box to automatically synchronize a collection:

Automatic sync check box

When automatic synchronization for a collection is enabled, the Sync button disappears for that collection. If a user clears the check box, the Sync button reappears.

Some browsers (such as Safari on iOS) differentiate between viewing a portal via the Fluid Topics Progressive Web Application installed on a device and viewing the same portal in a web browser, meaning that data saved on one is not automatically saved on the other. This is why users should always either enable automatic synchronization or manually re-synchronize collections when switching between the two.