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Whenever content is synchronized for offline reading, Fluid Topics briefly displays a notification message within the application. However, the user might not see this message if it appears while they are viewing another page, for example.

The Offline syncs drawer lets users track synchronization jobs continuously and in more detail as follows:

Offline syncs drawer

To access the Offline syncs drawer, open the My Library menu and select the Offline syncs option as follows:

Offline syncs button

In the drawer, it is possible to:

  • View synchronization jobs that are in progress and track how many tasks are completed and yet to be completed.
  • See how many documents are being synchronized.
  • Pause or resume an ongoing synchronization job (useful when there is a risk of losing a network connection during a long synchronization job).
  • Cancel an ongoing synchronization job.
  • Restart a canceled or failed synchronization job from the beginning.
  • Remove the message from the Offline syncs drawer for a sync once it is completed.

Fluid Topics keeps successfully synchronized content even if an error occurs partway into the synchronization process and allows users to resume the synchronization job where it failed.