AWS Architecture Installation - Fluid Topics - 3.9 - Technical Notes

Prepare AWS for an Installation of Fluid Topics on Multiple Servers

Fluid Topics
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In order to install Fluid Topics on multiple machines in an AWS environment, the following elements are required:

  • 1 VPC for each datacenter
  • 1 subnet for each zone containing:
    • 1 gateway
    • 1 routing table
  • 2 security groups
  • 1 Elastic IP for the server hosting the Back Office environment
  • 1 load balancer that will provide the required Elastic IP for the servers hosting the front environments
  • As many instances as needed (maximum 1 per server)
Attention: Servers attached to each subnet should be assigned static public IP addresses in order to be reached from external sources (for installation, update, and debugging reasons).

The AWS installation procedure must follow the order of the documentation:

  1. Configuring the Virtual Private Cloud
  2. Subnet Configuration
  3. Instance Creation and Configuration
  4. Load Balancer Configuration