Step 3: Configure Instance Details - Fluid Topics - 3.9 - Technical Notes

Prepare AWS for an Installation of Fluid Topics on Multiple Servers

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Attention: This step must be unique for each instance.
Note: The instance details configuration is the responsibility of the customer. Each instance must have a unique Primary IP. Please refer to the Instance Creation Plan for more details.
  1. Fill in the following fields:
    Configuring instance attributes
    • Number of instances: 1

      ALWAYS keep "1" instance in this field.

    • Purchasing option: leave unchecked

      Pricing option is the responsibility of the customer.

    • Network: select the VPC previously created from the drop-down menu:

      VPC previously created

    • Subnet: select the subnet previously created from the drop-down menu.

      There should be only one subnet available for the VPC.

    • Auto-assign Public IP: Enable

      It is recommended to "Use subnet setting" if this setting is enabled.

    • IAM role: None
    • Shutdown behavior: Stop

      "Stop" ensures that instances are not terminated when shut down.

    • Enable termination protection: check the box to enable Protect against accidental termination.
    • Monitoring: leave unchecked
    • Tenancy: Shared - Run a shared hardware instance
    Network interfaces
    • Primary IP: do NOT leave Auto-assign, but enter the IP of the corresponding server according to the Instance Creation Plan.
      Only IP addresses from .4 to .30 are available for the subnet in the frame of this documentation. Reminder of the example IPs:
      • Back Office:
      • MongoDB 01:
      • MongoDB 02:
      • MongoDB 03:
      • Indexer:
      • Front 01:
      • Front 02:

    Advanced details: no change required

  2. Click Next: Add Storage.