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Upload DITA Content to Fluid Topics

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Technical Notes
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The ZIP archive must include all of the following:

  • DITA map(s)
    • It is necessary to include at least one map in each archive.
  • Topics
    • This includes all topics referenced in the DITA map (.dita files) as well as embedded topics referenced by the <xref> attribute.
  • DITAVAL(s)
    • If variables have been assigned to the DITA map or to any file within the DITA map, it is necessary to include one or more .ditaval files in each archive.
  • All the files and resources referenced in the .ditamap file.
    • This includes files present in the structure of the DITA map (direct relationship), files referenced by other files in the DITA map (indirect relationship), and all resources referenced by the <href> attribute, such as images, videos, and unstructured documents.

To apply semantic metadata to a topic, it is necessary to define this metadata in the topic (.dita) file. It is not possible to define this metadata in the DITA map (.ditamap) file that references the topic, as this might lead to unintended inheritance between the document and the topic.

In order to clearly define which DITAVAL applies to which DITA map, it is recommended to create an archive that contains only one DITA map and its corresponding DITAVAL.