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When adding an xref cross-reference to a variant of topic generated using DITAVAL-references, Fluid Topics needs to know which version of the topic it should target. Adding elements such as dvrResourceSuffix to the DITAVAL-references adds a suffix to each newly generated topic that helps differentiate one topic from another.

If no suffix is defined through the dvrResourceSuffix parameter, the first variant of the topic has the original filename, e.g., c_time_capacitor.dita, the second variant has the original filename to which -1 is added, e.g., c_time-capacitor-1.dita, and so on.


To apply the DITAVAL-references OD1000.ditaval and OD2000.ditaval to the topic c_time_capacitor.dita, for each DITAVAL-reference, define a suffix as follows:

  • For the topic in version OD1000, dvrResourceSuffix is set to _od1000.
  • For the topic in version OD2000, dvrResourceSuffix is set to _od2000.

The following lines show how to assign a dvrResourceSuffix in a ditavalmeta element at the ditavalref level:

<topicref href="c_time_capacitor.dita">
<ditavalref href="OD1000.ditaval">
<ditavalref href="OD2000.ditaval">

Two topics are generated by the DITAVAL-references with the following filenames:

  • c_time_capacitor_od1000.dita
  • c_time_capacitor_od2000.dita

In Fluid Topics, it is possible to check the metadata associated with a topic using the view metadata option as follows:

DITA topic variant metadata

In the same way, it is possible to define prefixes for variant filenames using dvrResourceSuffix,prefixes for the key scope names of the map branch using dvrKeyscopePrefix, and suffixes for the key scope names of the map branch using dvrKeyscopeSuffix.