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Technical Notes
This autocomplete feed is named featured_products_....
  • Display should look quite the same than search or navigation display of a product.
  • Use ACP metadata to display nice looking products, e.g., thumbnail, marketing flags, price off, price cut, etc.
  • To get all products in ACP, use product/@autocomplete="on".
  • Scoring rules: 10 points per active marketing operation, 20 for is_new and is_best_sale, 30 for is_featured.
  • For direct product link, use click with afs:from=ACP (to get a hit parade of products from ACP in Back Office).
  • Add a 'see more products' link under featured_products => launch a query with the explicit wildcard character * and afs:from=ACP
  • Synonyms: implement product/keywords data by inserting content of meta tag keywords of (HTML) product page.
  • For products with no stock, but being restocked, use is_available=1 to be sure it stays in ACP.