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Technical Notes
  • Do not use a property node if a known node exists for this data , e.g., using property for describing a brand might not be a good idea, directly use the brand node which gives you a native facet, better relevance, native autocomplete, etc.
  • Put IDs wherever you can: category, brand, size, model, etc.
  • In fields with HTML content, do not encode entities or HTML tags, just put CDATA section. It would be better to send text only (processing time optimization).
  • When using a field like stock or is_available, set it for all products, even if its value is 0 or false.
  • Use identifiers for product references, e.g., GTIN, supplier code, etc.
  • Use properties to create custom facets on product technical features, custom sort orders.
  • Set @url and @img attributes on category and brand to get them on autocomplete.
  • Use marketing node to sort criteria (one per flag), boost products with special offers, create a marketing facet with special offers.
  • Use is_featured marketing node for products having a banner on website or category homepage
  • Use misc node for data to use for display only. It will not be indexed nor create facets.