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Technical Notes

AFS@Store checks input data to ensure that the result is relevant and correct. Hence, here are some good things to know about it:

  • When sending a data feed, you can check if it runs well, by connecting to Antidot Back Office.
  • A run can fail if it is not XML-valid or if it does not conform to the XSD.
  • A run can also fail if too many documents, e.g., products, fail validation
  • If only few documents failed, indexation proceeds. A list may be provided by automatic email notification, if asked to Antidot Support.
    Note: You can check your data against XML Schemas at this URL:
  • Antidot Back Office gives you details, in Dataflow logs when information level log is unchecked, about XSD failures when it comes to specific products:
Back Office Dataflow interface where logs can be consulted

You can even check an input data by entering a product URI into ‘Document uri’ text field.

Example: For a product with the ID 55872 and the language fr, you enter urn:afs:55872_fr (as seen in logs)

  • If you want to do a global offline validation, you can download schemas, and run from the terminal: %xmllint --noout --schema WC_AFS_at_store/v3/XSD/articles.xsd AFS_Store-v2.9-Implementers/samples/articles-sample-fr.xml
Tip: Give Antidot Support team an email address where to report indexation failures, not only those due to validation.