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Technical Notes
  • Try to make it look like off-search catalog navigation.
  • If search has only one result, redirect to the page.

Use spellcheck (special rule when no result) but do not display it when there are results, it may confuse visitors.

  • Redirect on spellcheck if (and only if) there is no result.
    Attention: Test your spellcheck with a multi-word query to validate the whole query is displayed by your code (you can even highlight the corrected word).
  • Do not forget Promote (if needed by customer) => Create a sample campaign in BO to integrate it (activates instantaneously).
  • Categories-dedicated search may produce an instant click from customers, use it! It is usually displayed on top of catalog results.
  • For better performances, the pager allows you to retrieve only up to rank 1000 in results.

So it would be better that the pager does not display "last" page link, which is not very relevant and of poor interest. The native pager gives you pages by tens, our advice is to use it.

  • Do not display a link "see all products" (i.e. on one page).