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Technical Notes
  • Always send a non empty query, i.e. neither a default text field sentence nor an empty string. Forbid from launching a query if users just click on search button without a key in text.
  • Always customize afs:sort on queries to set searchandizing product ordering. Default sort order is relevance only but it is not sufficient. You can use marketing sort criteria, plus your own operations (special offers, good deals, sales, etc.) from marketing subnodes or properties.

Example: afs:sort=is_available,DESC;is_featured,DESC;afs:relevance,DESC;is_new,DESC;is_promotional,DESC

  • Test several sort orders before choosing what is right for you.
  • Use price_from sort order instead of price if you have variants but not stores in your catalog (otherwise, use price).
  • Choose facet values ordering (alpha vs count).
  • Choose facets appearance, e.g., palet, slider, list, etc., and ordering.
  • Never do several queries, i.e. one per agent, where one is enough.
  • Use af:log to have distinct analytics in BO for several web sites or channels, e.g., mobile app or web.

Example: afs:log=web or afs:log=mobile

  • in afs:query, escape double quote with a backslash

    Example: 3.5\" hard drive

Note: Do not forget to put rules in your robots.txt of any web server using search to prevent queries from web bots.