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Technical Notes

AFS@Store for Magento is the search engine of your online store, which improves the experience for your visitors and boost your sales performances.

AFS@Store provides advanced searchandizing features to boost your conversion:

  • Rich and customizable autocomplete featuring products, brands, categories, etc.
  • Fully typo-tolerant search
  • Semantic search that understands your customer's words
  • Dynamic filtering facets to rapidly select products
  • A web interface to simply monitor and manage your searchandizing
  • A free extension that quickly and seamlessly integrates in Magento

AFS@Store is used by hundreds of e-commerce web sites all across Europe in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, etc. for international retailers and brands as well as niche pure players.

E-mail: magento@antidot.net

Call us: +33 472 760 380