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AFS@Store for Magento

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Technical Notes

In this section, you can control the behavior of the search feature: which facets to display, how many replies, and results order, etc.

Spellcheck sentence Fill the pattern to use when a spellcheck suggestion is returned by AFS@Store. Use {spellcheck} to include the suggested search expression.

Note: you can use magento scope configuration to set a different value for each store view (to handle translations for example)

Facets Select what available facet you want to display, its order of appearance, and its type: if multiple selection is enabled, each facet option is displayed aside to a checkbox. If not, tree facets like Category may appear as an expandable tree.
Max number of facet values Select the maximum number of values displayed for each facet.
Price facet label Select the wording for price facet. Use keywords {min} and {max} to include price values. Use Magento scopes if you have several currencies or translations
Sort options Select sort orders available to end-users directly above search results.
Default sort Select default sort to apply when no sort option is selected. It is highly recommended to set some searchandizing flags here such as is new or is promotional to boost these results aside from relevance.