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AFS@Store for Magento

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Technical Notes

AFS@Store for Magento includes these features:

  • Pre-configured data mapping: Magento datamodel has been mapped with AFS@Store own datamodel (web sites and stores views supported). Yet, you can customize it by adding or removing some fields like descriptions or products features, if you need to tweak facets or query matching.
  • Automatic relevance: there is no need to set up any additional configuration. AFS@Store natively adapts to your data to get the best relevance. Additional customization, e.g., synonym management, may therefore be done within Back Office.
  • Front search engine configuration (facets order and type, sort orders, spellcheck): Directly from within your Magento Back Office, you select default searchandizing rules and other sort orders available for end-users. You can also choose which facet is mono or multivaluable.
  • Autocomplete configuration (columns selections, query tests, HTML templating): By default, AFS@Store for Magento comes with Categories, Products, and Brands in Autocomplete. You can add additional Suggestions from facets, select column order and number of replies. Best of all: you can test autocomplete, see the XML output and directly edit an XSLT templating for HTML rendering with no limit.
  • Campaigns: Campaigns created within Antidot Back Office can be used to redirect users on selected landing pages.
  • On-demand Data Upload: Apart from automatic data export, you may need to refresh your configuration after having saved it. With a "Push" button, you can manually send data to AFS@Store indexing service.