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Technical Notes

Once you have clicked on the Push button of On-demand Data Upload section, you have got a line in Data upload report with Msg Can't send the file to ftp (error : 1).

First step is to make sure details about SFTP configuration are good. Open an SFTP client software like WinSCP or FileZilla and try to connect. If it is not a success, report it to Antidot to get correct connection settings.

If you connect correctly, that means SFTP transfer does not work from Magento.

To enable it, you need curl installed and enabled with SFTP support (not always the case), also HTTP Port 22 must be open.

Check curl is installed on a Linux server:

Check your PHP Configuration: Protocols section must include "sftp" (in the example below, it is missing)

Note: While fixing the file transfer problem, you can still upload exported data manually via an SFTP client software. The archive can be found in /tmp/Antidot/ with filename being yyyymmdd_full_*