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The SSO debug web service must be called to retrieve the metadata file.

Run the following command:

As antidot user

wget http://$BACK_OFFICE_HOST/bo-ws/authentication/sso/$REALM_NAME/debug?afs:login=login://$BACK_OFFICE_LOGIN:$BACK_OFFICE_PASSWORD@Antidot -O /usr/local/afs7/bo-server/saml/$METADATA_FILE.xml


  • $BACK_OFFICE_HOST is the URL of the Back Office.
  • $REALM_NAME is the name of the realm in the configuration.

This URL returns some debug information in the form of an XML file: the Fluid Topics Service Provider Metadata. It describes the Fluid Topics configuration relative to the Identity Provider in order to ensure that messages are really sent by Fluid Topics.

The Service Provider Metadata file contains information such as:

  • the entity id (Fluid Topics tenant identifier),
  • the callback URL (where the user will be redirected after a successful login) and
  • the public part of the certificate that enables to ensure that messages were signed with its private part.

Edit the generated metadata file in order to ensure that the following line is the header:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

If it is not the case, remove any additional lines before the header.