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Before starting a daemon, check that the MongoDB service is up and running.

The following commands show how to check if MongoDB has started properly and how to start it if necessary:

As root user

service mongod status
service mongod start

Run the following command to start the daemons:

As root user

systemctl start apache2
systemctl start afs-acp.service
systemctl start afs-host.service
systemctl start afs-pafmanager.service
systemctl start afs-stats.service
systemctl start afs-crmanager.service
systemctl start afs-logmanager.service
systemctl start afs-querymanager.service
systemctl start afs-updatemanager.service
systemctl start cks-alerts.service
systemctl start cks-server.service

The following command can be used to launch all daemons at once:

As root user

/usr/local/afs7/bin/antidot start

From AFS v7.9.3, the following commands can also be used:

  • To launch all daemons at once:

    As root user

    systemctl start

  • To restart all daemons at once if some daemons are still running:

    As root user

    systemctl restart

The Update Manager starting logs can be accessed with the following command:

As root user

sudo journalctl -u afs-updatemanager