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The following script is available from AFS v7.9.8.3.

To finalize the installation, use the script to deploy the Apache configuration for Antidot services (acp, click, content, search) by configuring the web server.

Run the following command:

As root user


This script will perform the following actions:

  1. Tries and detect the DocumentRoot of the web server (/var/www/html if it exists, or else /var/www).

    It it fails, the following error message is displayed:

    Could not update bo-portal symbolic link: no document root found (candidates were: ...)

  2. Creates a symbolic link named bo-portal to /usr/local/afs7/share/templates/bo-portal
  3. Copies the afs*.conf configuration templates from the appropriate template directories, that are /usr/local/afs7/share/templates/apache, and /usr/local/afs7/share/templates/apache/2.2 for Apache 2.2 or /usr/local/afs7/share/templates/apache/2.4 for Apache 2.4, to the web server configuration directories, e.g., /etc/httpd/conf.d for RHEL7.
  4. Restarts the web server.

Do not use this script if custom settings are needed. The script deploys Antidot default Apache configuration.

Only HTTPD versions 2.2 and 2.4 are supported.

Only the configurations necessary for the current installation are copied, the templates used being provided by the component package, e.g., antidot-afs-search, antidot-bo-server, and so on.