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Check that the required Antidot daemons are running by using the following command:

/usr/local/afs7/bin/antidot status

All Antidot daemons are listed:

  • afs-acp.service
  • afs-crmanager.service
  • afs-entitymanager.service
  • afs-host.service
  • afs-logmanager.service
  • afs-pafmanager.service
  • afs-querymanager.service
  • afs-stats.service
  • afs-updatemanager.service
  • bo-ac.service
  • bo-analytics.service
  • bo-server.service
  • cks-alerts.service
  • cks-proxy.service
  • cks-server.service

The dot at the beginning of each line is green or red:

  • Green: the daemon is running
  • Red: the daemon is stopped

The PID number is randomly assigned to an operation and does not have to match the documentation.

Ensure that all concerned services are running.

It is normal if CKS and the entity manager are not running. They are used in specific configurations only.

To check why a daemon has stopped, run the following command:

As root user

systemctl status $NAME_OF_STOPPED_DAEMON

If a specific service is not running, use the following command:

As root user

/usr/local/afs7/bin/antidot start

Commands of the same type can be concatenated.


systemctl stop bo-ac.service
systemctl stop bo-analytics.service
systemctl stop bo-server.service

These three commands can be replaced by the following one:

systemctl stop bo-ac.service bo-analytics.service bo-server.service

In our example, when checking the running daemons, the following results are expected (daemons with a green status):

  • On the Back Office Server:

    ABO daemons

  • On the Indexing Server:

    Indexing server daemons

  • On the Front Server:

    Front server daemons