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Install AFS on Multiple Servers

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Antidot products are highly optimized to make the best of the processor, kernel, and system they are running on in order to operate efficiently the users services.

Antidot products are provided for RHEL Linux distributions and for Intel 64-it processors:

Red Hat is a commercial distribution of Linux. It is appreciated in the industry for its stability and support. There are three installation types for RHEL: RHEL Client, RHEL Workstation and RHEL Server. Antidot products can be installed on any of these three versions, but to compile specific AIF filters, RHEL Server is necessary (because of specific packages needed by the Core Devkit).

  • Supported version: RHEL7 last update

Antidot code (project and product) is compiled and tested for RedHat but should properly run on CentOS. CentOS is a RedHat derivative that aims to be functionally compatible with RedHat which means that any software that can run on RedHat should run on CentOS as well: any compatibility issue should be considered as a bug that should be fixed by CentOS developers.
If you choose to use CentOS, Antidot will not be held responsible for CentOS compatibility issues.

Antidot products only work on a system using a UTF-8 locale.

To consult the version of RedHat currently installed on the server, run the following command:

cat /etc/redhat-release

To check the computer architecture, run the following command:


It must return: "x86_64".

Antidot cannot be held responsible for any security issue caused by setting file permissions differently than described in this documentation.