Master Configuration - AFS - Technical Notes

AFS Master-Slave and MiX

Technical Notes

With MiX, Master agent configuration is similar to Master - Slave one's (see Master - Slave, Master Configuration). In addition, the name of the feed provided by each slave is given. As for standard Master - Slave, those parameters are assigned when the Master starts, and can not be changed on the fly.

A particular masters directory is used to configure Master agent. It is located in:


masters subdirectory are agents.

Example, for the service 42, status stable, agent Mixed, the following directory structure will be created:


In <agent_name> subdirectory, an empty file for each Slave agent will be created. The name of this empty file is the hostname or IP address of the server hosting Slave agent and the feed name provided by the slave, separated by an @.

Example, to add two Slave agents hosted on host1 and host2 servers, and providing respectively feeds Foo and Bar, to the previous example:

touch $AFS7/reply/42/stable/masters/Mixed/Foo@host1
touch $AFS7/reply/42/stable/masters/Mixed/Bar@host2

Second example, to MiX feeds GreenProducts and BlueProducts whose reply databases are available locally in a single Product feed: