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This API allows users to send data to process to a PaF. The PaF must be data-driven, see Data-driven for more information.

This PaF is automatically launched if it is installed in autostart mode. It has to be manually launched if installed in manual start mode.

See PaF manager section of AFS Configuration Guide for more information about installing PaF. See Launch PaF API to launch manual start PaF.

A Upload Data to a PaF API request takes the following form:

curl -H Expect: --form file1="@/home/user_name/my_file_to_process.zip" --form file2="@/home/user_name/my_other_file_to_process.zip" "https://<host>/bo-ws/service/${Service_Number}/instance/<instance_status>/paf/<paf_name>/upload?afs:login=login://<user>:<password>@<authentication_authority>&afs:comment=my_comment&afs:type=upload_type"



The list of parameters and their possible values are enumerated below.

  • file1, file2, ... are the files to upload.
  • host is the server hosting the Back Office.
  • service_number is the number of the desired service.
  • instance_status is the status of the desired service.
  • paf_name is the name of the PaF.
  • my_comment is the optional comment to set to this upload.
  • upload_type is the type of the upload: incremental (or incr), full or urgent_full (optional, defaults to incremental)

Return Example

Return contains UUID, JobID and started attributes.

<?xml version="1.0" standalone='yes'?>
<afs:value xsi:schemaLocation="http://ref.antidot.net/v7/bo/output http://ref.antidot.net/v7.4/bo/output.xsd" xsi:type="afs:ws.response" xmlns:afs="http://ref.antidot.net/v7/bo/output" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"><afs:query xsi:type="afs:ws.response.query"><afs:locale>*</afs:locale><afs:parameters></afs:parameters><afs:properties xsi:type="afs:dynamic"></afs:properties></afs:query><afs:result xsi:type="afs:PushPafContentReply"><afs:jobId>186</afs:jobId><afs:started>true</afs:started><afs:uuid>80385fe4-5d16-4183-816c-427eb9d890ec</afs:uuid></afs:result></afs:value>

CURL is used for these examples. Any other HTTP client can be used.