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The Antidot AFS and BO products are modular, open, and flexible solutions. They rely on web services developed in compliance with the web standards.

The Antidot web services are designed to facilitate their integration in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). They are accessible and standard-compliant. Interoperability between the components of a solution is straightforward.

The Antidot web services are based on a REST architecture (Representational State Transfer). They fully rely on the HTTP protocol and they use all the protocol functions: verbs, headers, response codes, and so on. They can also handle input and output formats like XML or JSON:

  • XML provides a wide interoperability between technologies.
  • JSON make is easy to write web clients of JavaScript type.

The Antidot web services automatically switch to the best output format matching the request. Whatever the format, the scheme and the capabilities are similar.

The Antidot web services provide more that only communication standardization. They also provide unified functions and a consistent structure. The web services are compliant with rules such as shared authentication, response scheme, and a data filtering API.

Some web services are transverse and provide shared functions like the SSO module (Single Sign-On).