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AFS Release Notes v7.8

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Query Engine core index and algorithms have been finely tuned for increased effiency and consistency.

AFS v7.8 is able to read reply databases produced by AIF v7.8 or by AIF v7.7. Mixed reply databases (part v7.7, part v7.8) are not handled. See Upgrade instructions for information on how to switch a v7.7 index to v7.8 when upgrading without reprocessing.

New configuration option:

  • QEng/SearchFrontEnd/QueryParsing/addArg: set an additional parameter if another parameter is set to a given value.

New facets:

  • Refactoring (stability and maintenance).
  • Price facet with « psychological » interval (possibility to manually manage intervals).
  • Interval facet layout can be dynamically modified on reply side

Multifactorial sort:

  • Adds the ability
  • Example: afs:sort=(size="L" and color="black" or color="red"),DESC

New parameters:

  • afs:phraseStem does not extend thesaurii when using quotes in query.
  • afs:qo adds ability to disable queries orchestration to improve spellchecker queries.

Enhanced support of Japanese search:

  • Working Japanese testing environment on a RHEL 6 AWS server.
  • Use of MECAB and ICU tokenizer to split Japanese words.
  • Hiragana are normalized to katakana to enhance Japanese replies.
  • Elongated vowel (ー) in katakana has been normalized.
  • Numbers written in kanji return digits.