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To consult a Classification report from the Classification Reports History

  • Click the line of the report


  • Click the VIEW LAST REPORT button

The Classification report is displayed as in the following example:



  1. An overview of the report displaying:
    • The report number
    • The F1 score of the run
    • The number of documents in the input data
    • The number of categories (tags) used for the current run
    • The date of the run
  2. Action buttons used to:
  3. Buttons used to switch between the lists of:
    • Categories (tags) used on the classifier
    • Invalid documents from the input data:

      classif report invalid docs

  4. List of all categories used for the current run that displays:
    • Category: label and hierarchy of the categories. Can be sorted alphabetically.
    • Quality (F1): F1 score for this category. Can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
    • Recall: the recall percentage. Can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
    • Precision: the precision percentage. Can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
    • Documents: number of documents classified into this category.

To display more details on a specific category, click on its name in the list:

Classif Taf

The detailed view displays:

  1. Title of the category
  2. Quality, recall and precision percentage for this category based on the documents set (input)
  3. Top words: the most frequent words to appear in the documents set
  4. Top documents: the most relevant documents from the documents set sorted by quality percentage;

    Clicking a document link will open it in the Back Office dedicated interface

  5. Number of relevant documents for this category