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AFS Release Notes v7.8

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Starting from AFS v7.8.3, the following improvements have been made in the Back Office:

Back Office Dataflow

The usability of events logs has been improved:

  • Content repository preview now supports xml, json, html, xhtml and syntax hightlighting.
  • The number of listed services in now displayed in the list of services.

Back Office ACP

Back Office ACP operators can now:

  • create entry that are permanently validated and apply the "Validated and kept" status to all types of ACP.

    Example, it can be used to prevent the deletion of ACP generated from hit parades when said hit parades are updated.

  • modify the score (between 0 and 100) of all manually created entries and "Validated and Kept" generated ACP.
  • select several elements to apply a global action by clicking on the "Apply to the selection" button.

    An "Apply to all elements in ACP" button has also been added.

The following webservices have been added:

Back Office Analytics

Analytics reports for all service known by the Back Office can now be consult in a dedicated interface.

Back Office Vocabularies

The thesaurii can now be renamed.

Back Office Datacenters


The PAC4J authentication lib has been updated from v1.6.0 to v1.8.6.