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AFS Release Notes v7.8

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Starting from AFS v7.8.5, the following improvements have been made in the Back Office:

Back Office User Settings Interface:

A new "user settings" interface has been implemented. It is now possible for users to change user's mail and password (only if the user is managed by the Back Office).

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 11.03.07

Back Office Analytics:

It is now possible for users to:

  • download an Excel export for "Queries" data.
  • display queries without replies (in context) from Overview.

Back Office Configuration:

The PaF architect interface has been improved as follows:

  • The items order (filters, attributes, etc.) has been stabilized when exporting multiple times.
  • The coherence has been improved by replacing "abo://" parameter by "file://$AFS7/conf/".

Back Office Views:

It is now possible for users to update a View with the following behavior:

  • When updating a View's filters, the "old" View will be deleted and instantly replaced with the new parameters, resetting all data for this specific View. New data will then be processed wit hthe new definition.
  • When updating a View's title, the data is preserved.

Back Office Vocabularies:

It is now possible for users to export their Vocabularies in CSV format.

Back Office Audit Trail:

A new API has been implemented to setup audit trails for Back Office applications.

The new Audit Trail interface has been made available for administrators to consult users' actions within the Back Office applications.

Back Office Dataflow:

The Back Office Dataflow has been improved. It is now possible for users to upload data for non datadriven PaFs (e.g. PaFs that are started manually).


A new "Setup" submenu has been implemented to regroup the ACP, Vocabularies, Promote and Configuration tabs.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 11.12.19