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  1. Connect to the source v7.7 CKS server.
  2. Import the databases dumped on the source v7.6 CKS server (on primary CKS box):

    mysql -uroot CKS < /path/to/my/dump/CKS.sql
    mysql -uroot CKS_<service_id>_${Service_Status} < /path/to/my/dump/CKS_<service_id>_${Service_Status}.sql

  3. Import docwatch database (on primary CKS box):

    sudo /etc/init.d/cks_alerts stop
    rm -rf /usr/local/afs7/alerts/scheduler/data.db
    tar xvjf /path/to/backup/docwatcher.tbz2
    sudo /etc/init.d/cks_alerts start

  4. Restart CKS services (on both boxes):

    sudo /etc/init.d/cks_server start

  5. If after migration, the Scheduler host has changed, it is necessary to associate CKS to a Scheduler. See appendix Associate CKS to a Scheduler, and replace cks1-box with the new hostname where the scheduler is installed.
  6. If documents existing in 7.6 index have been reprocessed or reindexed using AFS 7.7, it is mandatory to resynchronize PaFIds between AFS and CKS: failure to do so will result in unwanted alerts sent to end users after CKS migration. Please refer to Synchronize all Scheduled Searches to a specific PaFid, and replace <paf_id> with the new last PaFid of your indexation environment.
  7. Re-schedule all the scheduled searches. See appendix Re-Schedule all Scheduled Searches.